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Bharat Gas

Bharat  gas

Bharat Gas is a product of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).

BHARAT GAS a name that has conquered the nation.BHARAT GAS is consumed in more than a billion homes nowadays and is one of the leading connection companies available in INDIA. As all of us aware these cylinders store liquefied petroleum gas, that is, LPG. Liquefied petroleum gas has to be stored in a pressure container and the BHARAT GAS connection has to be installed in a careful manner or else it may prove to be a risky affair.

Initiative of Bharat Gas in piped cooking gas distribution

Now here are some very significant and important parts or things that one must be aware of while the whole installation process of BHARAT GAS. A cylinder with self closing valve, a pressure regulator which is to be connected with the outlet of the valve, a gas stove or a cooking appliance and a rubber pipe which can connect these two. These are some very basic information pieces that one must be aware of. They are very necessary for general common sense.

We are aware of the fact that BHARAT GAS is inflammable and therefore it is extremely important to set or install the BHARAT GAS in a designated and proper manner under guidance if required. There are certain steps which one needs to follow while installing the gas. These are as follows:

Bharat Gas offers its customers with several innovative services such as:

  • The first and foremost step is to set the cylinder in an upward facing direction with the valve facing upwards.
  • The cylinder should be placed in a distance which is appropriate from the cooking appliance or gas stove whichever is present. If this is not done it can cause a lot of problems.
  • The position of cylinder must be placed in an accessible manner. Proper ventilation is needed around that area and the cylinder must be kept above the ground level.
  • To install the BHARAT GAS one should keep in mind the following steps. Firstly the regulator of pressure valve should be turned off.
  • The smell of gas should not be felt and this can be done by turning off the burner taps.
  • The valve should be opened and then the regulator knob should be turned to ON position.
  •   It is the time to test the gas connection. This can be done by lighting a match stick and holding it in front of the burner.
  • To further check, the knob of the burner should be rotated in anti clockwise direction. Now if your testing is done you can turn off the burner as well as the valve regulator knob.

Role of Bharat Gas in Pollution Control

These are some very basic and easy steps that any individual must know. Once you know these you are capable of the installation process and that too in a safe and secure manner.